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Hey there! So glad you stumbled upon our page. We are two best friends crushing our goals one cup at a time while connecting women worldwide!


The Founder of Spectacular Creations – South Florida, LLC., Creator of The Frugal Trophy Wife blog, Event Specialist at Shutterbox Photo Entertainment, The Lead Advisor for My Lifestyle Exchange, Founding Contributor for The Fort Lauderdale Moms Blog and Events Manager at Blush Luxury Venue. She has brought all her creativity to the next level of adding her sparkle in everything that she does. It starts with creating the most exquisite invitations to getting her followers to get groovy with their couponing skills while saving and smiling!

At her Sparkle Kingdom she stays super busy with her two sassy girls. She’s that mom that walks down the hall with 2 book bags on her shoulders, lunch bags in one hand, coffee in the other while managing to take pictures of her girls. Yes, that’s her! She volunteers and does everything behind the scenes but she’s not about that PTA life.

With over 10 years in the Special Events Industry – she has got the logistics down to getting the perfect products for the most sacred to wildest events! Being an entrepreneur can get busy on most days. Don’t be afraid to say – “NO!”, she shares “It is the only way you can leave room to grow.” With her never-ending sharpie box and sixty bottles of laundry detergent sitting on the living room floor, she is always organizing, finding the best way she can make her life easier. She manages to do all this and still make time to do her favorite things, spending quality time with her girls, arts and crafts, picnic time at the park, decorating cookies and adding glitter to just about everything!


I am your intuitive guide to discover your gifts, use it to unlock the magic within you.💝✨

Hello, my name is Rafeea Roche phonetically pronounced (RA-FEE-AH ROW-SHH), founder of The Lifestyle Exchange Co. I am your Intuitive Mindset & Transformation Life Coach. I guide women on their path toward accepting and embracing who they truly are. I teach them how to find the magic within themselves so they can transition to the next step and reach their goals.  

  Life happens to us all, even I am not exempt. 

I am married to the love of my life and we share three beautiful children. They are all close in age so, I understand firsthand the difficulties life has to offer when juggling a marriage, children, and a career. I am an entrepreneur who has a wide vast of experience in sales and marketing who recognizes the fluctuations that occur in business. However, after making good money and selling one business venture only to start another, I realized my true passion was not in making money, it is in helping people. Although making money is nice, it does not always bring happiness and fulfillment many people think it does. This opportunity is not just another job for me. I am invested in seeing each of my clients grow mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and socially. I am devoted to my craft of teaching each of you how to live a full life. I love engaging in meaningful conversations with people who are looking to leave footprints. I love to connect with women all over the world. When I engage my clients for the first time, we are not strangers. I make myself available, so when you share your world with me just know that your secrets, most sacred desires, are safe. I am looking to educate, inspire, rejuvenate, and transform you into the person you are destined to be. I AM YOU, so let the journey begin.